Best Delta-9 THC Vape Juice Brands in 2022 - CBD Oracle

2022-10-28 05:30:15 By : Ms. Linda Zhou

Fill your vapes with the highest-quality delta-9 vape juice on the market using these top brands.

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Best Delta-9 THC Vape Juice Brands in 2022 - CBD Oracle

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If you’ve been struggling to find a delta-9 THC vape juice that works the way you want it to — or even just tastes good — you’re not the only one. There aren’t many high-quality delta-9 vape oils on the market, so finding the ones worth your money can feel like a chore. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Here, we’ve come up with a list of the best delta-9 vape juices on the market for you to try. 

And, don’t worry, we’ll be adding to this list more as we continue to find the best brands.

Here are our picks for the best delta-9 THC vape juice products on the market right now.

CBDfx’s selection of delta-9 vape juices is precisely what every consumer needs when it comes to vaping delta-9 extract.

The next time you’re looking for some tasty, potent delta-9 vape juice to puff on, there’s no better place to turn to than CBDfx. This brand has an impressive selection of high-quality THC vape juices combined with various cannabinoids like CBD and CBN depending on what kind of effects you’re looking for. These vape juices are definitely on the pricey side at $89.99, but if you have the money, they’re more than worth it for the all-encompassing, supportive effects. CBDfx has strains available in indica, sativa, or hybrid form, allowing you to experience different results based on what you’re feeling that day.

CBDfx offers comprehensive, full-panel lab-test results. To view them, you can click here.

No matter what kind of flavor or strength you’re looking for, Serene Tree has an incredible selection of delta-9 vapes for you to choose from.

Available for $42.95 from Serene Tree

Serene Tree’s selection of delta-9 (and delta-8) vape juices is one that’s hard to beat. This brand offers vape juices in practically any flavor imaginable, and they even have different strengths available to match your tolerance. These vape juices are also pure delta-9 THC, so you’re likely going to experience much stronger psychoactive effects from this vape juice than you would with CBDfx’s. If you’re someone who wants to get a bit giggly and weightless when vaping, Serene Tree and their huge, affordable selection of vape juices is an amazing shop to buy from. 

Serene Tree only offers standard panel COAs, not full-panel. This means they only test for cannabinoids and not impurities. To see them, you can click here.

If you want to fill your own vape cart with something potent to smoke, then Vivimu’s got the best DIY delta-9 distillate options.

Vivimu doesn’t offer actual delta-9 vape juice; however, they offer various delta-9 distillates that are perfect for DIY vaping. With these distillates, you’ll simply add them to your vape pen (if it’s compatible) and you can start puffing like you would any other vape cart. Vivimu offers various delta-9 distillates, including delta-9 THCp, delta-9 THCPo, delta-9 THCb, and more. Of course, these vapes aren’t going to taste as bright and exciting as actual vape juices, but they provide super concentrated results that are wonderful for potent, powerful highs.

Vivimu has detailed, full-panel lab test results, though they don’t test for all possible impurities. Check out their COA here.

It’s important for us to re-emphasize that, right now, there simply aren’t a lot of great delta-9 THC vape juice choices for you to sort through. Many brands cut corners or don’t test their products as thoroughly as they should, leaving customers with subpar, potentially unsafe options. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we scoured the market to find only the best of the best delta-9 e-liquids from brands that place purity and quality at the forefront. As we find more brands, we will continue to update our list so you can know who to buy from and who to avoid.

In order for us to curate this narrow list of candidates, we came up with strict criteria that we felt these brands should be able to follow. We rated each brand/product on a scale of 1-10 in each of these categories and picked only those who were high scorers (7 and above) to be on our list.

Here is the criteria we came up with: 

We want to note that CBDfx is the only delta-9 vape juice that our team tried and tested. The other picks are based on extensive research and reviews.

To give you some more insight into these THC vape juices, we’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions.

Delta-9 vape juice is liquid that’s designed specifically to go into refillable vape pens, and this juice contains hemp-derived delta-9 THC extract. You add this juice to your pen and vape it, and it allows you to experience the effects of D9 in an instant, potent, and tasty way. You can find delta-9 vape juices in various flavors and strengths. 

Every brand will make their delta-9 vape juice a little differently. Primarily though, delta-9 vape juices are made using delta-9 extract and an oil-based substance, usually vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or a mixture of both. 

The effects of delta-9 vape juice will vary from consumer to consumer. However, many people find that delta-9 THC makes them feel more uplifted, giggly, euphoric, and stimulated. Certain strains may make you feel more relaxed and potentially even sleepy, while others are best for reducing stress levels and boosting sociability. 

Unfortunately, yes, delta-9 vape juices can make you fail a drug test. These vapes contain high enough levels of delta-9 THC that a drug test will detect if you consume it regularly enough or close enough to the time of your drug test.

If you know you have a drug test coming up, avoid delta-9 THC vape juices and stick to broad-spectrum or CBD isolate vape juices for the time being. While they won’t get you high, they’re a great way to feel better and more balanced without the presence of THC.

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As we’ve stressed, there aren’t a lot of great options for delta-9 vape juices on the market today. Thankfully, brands like CBDfx and Serene Tree make up for that, as their vape juices are truly some of the best of the best. And, when we find more brands that are worth boasting about, we will add them to the list ASAP.

Whether you’re looking for a delta-9 and CBD vape or a pure delta-9 vape, these brands have you covered with everything you need and so much more. Start shopping from one of these high-quality companies and see what we mean about the value of these top-shelf delta-9 vape juices.

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Best Delta-9 THC Vape Juice Brands in 2022 - CBD Oracle

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